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Power System Integration

Rouse Industries partners with several engine OEM's and product integrators in order to provide complete turnkey custom power systemswith all brands of engines. Cummins, CAT, MTU, even Waukesha.

Eliminate complex project management and technical purchasing, issueone PO and get a completed system provided by people with the knowledge and experience to bring it to completion.

  • Sales & Service Network

    • Our success is largely due to our strong sales and service network. Saskatchewan we are represented by Southern Industrial & Truck Ltd., an oilfield service company and industrial engine/transmission dealer and integrator.

      In Alberta/BC we are represented by Rigworks Oilfield Solutions, an oil and gas equipment manufacturer and service facility with deep roots in drilling rig design, service, manufacturing and certification.

  • About Rouse Industries

    • Rouse Industries was established in 2008 as a designer and manufacturer of gearboxes, clutches and transmissions for high horsepower application in both the production and exploration side of the oil and gas market.

      Since inception Rouse Industries focus has been on building compact designs with as little environmental impact and overall footprint as possible. We have consistantly remained smaller overall then our competitors with the same performance ratings.

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